Bonding Buddies
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A Bonding Buddy is a versatile tool which serves primarily to associate positive and familiar scents when working with sugar gliders.

Suggested uses for Bonding Buddies include-

Scent Swapping/Bonding Aid

As the name implies, Bonding Buddies are perfect for bonding with a glider. The idea is to wear your Bonding Buddy on your person for a day to transfer your scent, then simply place it in a bonding pouch or cage pouch with your glider. The glider will cuddle and play with his new toy and will in turn become familiar with your scent. This encourages a positive association and will speed up the bonding process.

Introducing Gliders
Similarly, you can use a Bonding Buddy for scent swapping between cages when introducing gliders to one another. Give each cage a Bonding Buddy to sleep and play with for a few days, then swap it out. This scent exchange prepares gliders for meeting one another face to face.

Hand Raising Joeys
This is actually why Bonding Buddies were originally created! Young joeys cling to their parents so fiercely that you will often see them hitching rides around the cage on Mom and Dad. For a joey being raised by hand or supplemented in some way, this loss of tactile interaction is profound. Bonding Buddies provide immeasurable comfort to a joey being raised apart from from his family by giving him something solid to latch onto in the nursery or incubator.

Nursing Sick, Injured, or Geriatric Gliders
Gliders are colony animals that absolutely require companionship. Sometimes it is not possible for a glider to stay with cage mates. Having a Bonding Buddy at the ready will help ease the stress for a glider that suddenly finds himself isolated.