A. Approval – We will only sell to approved homes. Each potential buyer will undergo a screening process via interview or application and may be required to furnish references. If for ANY reason, we do not feel your home will be suitable for the glider, we may deny your request to purchase it. This approval process is in effect until the glider is paid in full and possession is converted to the new owner, making the sale final. In other words, we reserve the right to cancel the sale for any reason and at any time and for any reason up until the day of adoption; any monies that have been paid will be refunded within thirty (30) days. All buyers must be at least 18 years of age.

B. Deposits/Refunds – A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 25% of the full purchase price is required to reserve the glider. No glider is considered reserved until our receipt of the deposit unless otherwise discussed. Payment arrangements are permitted under the terms of the sales contract; however, the glider must be paid for in full by the date of delivery, or the sale will be canceled and your deposit will be forfeited. Deposits are not refunded if the buyer decides not to follow through with the sale for any reason. No exceptions. Should be the seller be unable to complete the sale, the deposit will be refunded.

C. Date of Delivery– Upon receipt of a deposit, we will give you an estimated date of delivery in writing.  All joeys must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks out of pouch. We reserve the right to keep joeys longer, depending on their health, ability to wean, eat and drink on their own, and other factors. By the time a joey is eight (8) weeks out of pouch, you will be given a date of delivery (a “pick-up” date). Arrangements to have the glider picked up within 1 (one) week after that  delivery date must be made. If the glider is not picked-up within that time frame, you are considered to have canceled the sale and will lose all rights to the glider. Unless other arrangements are made, which will include a holding fee, your deposit will be forfeited and the above deposit and refund policies will apply.

D. Release of Liability– Once a glider has been sold to you, we assume no further responsibility for its health, housing, dietary, or any other related costs, including those related to any damage or injury caused by the sugar glider, other than those set forth in the health guarantee.


A. 72 Hour Health Guarantee- Seller provides Buyer(s) with a 72-hour guarantee that the above referenced sugar glider(s) are healthy, free of parasites, and fully weaned.

B. Buyer(s)’ Requirement of Wellness Examination: Seller agrees to take said glider to a veterinarian at Buyer(s)’ expense prior to pick up date for a wellness check, including a fecal float and smear. If there are any health related issues that are clearly attributable to the Seller, the glider may be returned to the Seller for a full refund, as per the refund policy above. If medications are needed at that time, Seller will cover the cost of that medication but payment will be made directly to the veterinarian only. If a glider should die during the first 72-hours, a full refund of the price of the glider and veterinarian expenses incurred will be given as per the refund policy above, provided the veterinarian can prove the illness and its origin through a proper medical examination and/or necropsy. Failure to comply with this wellness examination requirement will void the health guarantee.

C. Disclaimer: It is the Buyer(s)’ responsibility to watch for stressors and stress symptoms. All veterinary bills incurred for stress related illnesses are the sole responsibility of Buyer(s). This health guarantee does not cover trauma, stress related illnesses, accidents, negligence, mistreatment, neglect, death or illness caused by or resulting from transportation issues, heat exhaustion, dehydration or starvation, death or illness due to poor housing conditions or environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, draft), poor diet, or sudden dietary changes.


A. Buyer(s) Responsibilities: The Buyer(s) agree to provide humane living conditions and responsible care for the glider. The glider shall be provided prompt medical attention when necessary, proper diet, safe housing, and regular veterinary checkups.

B. Seller’s Responsibilities: The Seller agrees to answer any and all questions or concerns raised by the Buyer(s), such as those regarding health, diet, housing, bonding, etc. to the best of her ability.

C. Pet-Only Pricing: Pet-only pricing is only available on males with an agreement that Buyer(s) will have said male glider neutered within thirty (30) days at the Buyer(s)’ expense and Buyer will provide such proof to Seller within ten (5) days of the surgery. In the alternative, Seller and Buyer(s) may agree to have the glider neutered by the Seller’s veterinarian at the Seller’s expense. The neuter records shall be provided to Buyer(s) upon final sale and delivery of said glider. Since females cannot be spayed and there is no way for Seller to guarantee they will not be bred, no females will be offered at pet-only prices unless previously discussed.  

D. Breeding Rights: Breeding rights are available to experienced and knowledgeable Buyer(s).

E. First Rights: If at any time Buyer(s) can no longer retain possession of the glider, the Seller is to be the first one notified and given the first option of resuming full ownership of said glider. Refunds, if any, will be at the sole discretion of the Seller. The glider must be returned with all medical records and Buyer(s) assumes all shipping/transportation expenses. In other words, the Seller reserves the right to prohibit the transfer of the glider to any third party; the glider may not be sold, leased, traded, or given away to any other person, pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter, rescue home, or similar facility. In exercising first rights, Seller may agree to approve such sale or transfer, but that is at the sole discretion of Seller at that time.