Bonding Buddies
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Safety Info

Sugar Glider Bonding Buddies are community tested and veterinarian approved!

Dr Stacey Leonatti Wilkinson of Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital of Georgia has inspected, tested and approved Bonding Buddies as safe cage and pouch toys.

Bonding Buddies have also been approved by many sugar glider veterans.

Despite years of testing it is still important to be aware of product safety and guidelines to follow:

Disclaimer and Safety Info

As is true for all toys, Bonding Buddies are not for unsupervised use with gliders that chew, dig or burrow.

Know your glider!

It is important to make sure gliders are properly manicured on a weekly basis to prevent snagging. Please inspect your Bonding Buddy daily as well as after each wash.

Crochet, while aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for gliders, can over time show wear that is different from sewn items.